Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Benefits to Singleness

For all those people who follow Jesus and are single and/or divorced.
Don't you wish sometimes that you could change your circumstance?
I have been there. I wished I could change my circumstance. I prayed. Yet here I am, still a single all this time.

BUT! I am here today to remind you that The Apostle Paul viewed singleness and marriage both as gifts from the Lord. Each has their own gift, one after this manner, one after another manner. Read 1 Corinthians 7:7.

So to encourage you - let me share the benefits and blessings I have experienced in the past 4 and a half years as a single divorced man. Keep in mind, I have not had even one date yet, since the divorce in 2009. The LORD knows why. In the mean time I can start to assert now the great blessings I have been accumulating as I walk this long season alone with Him.
Singleness is a gift from God. So is marriage.

1) I am driven to seek the Spirit of Jesus more. I have always enjoyed alone time. But when I am truly alone with no one else around, I also tend to seek Jesus more often. He always meets me faithfully and often speaks to me with pictures and visions and words and Scripture.

2) The Lord has cleaned some ugly little areas inside me. I yielded to Him, and gave up to the Light. And it has been a wonderfully powerful liberation. I could not have done it this way as a married man. As a single, I was left with no choice but to lean fully on the Lord. And what a great choice it was and is!

3) Freedom to serve Jesus in ministry without distraction. Freedom to please just the Lord.

4) Time to heal. The Lord called me to take up the piano in 2007 at church and has since inspired me to write well over 20 songs. I lead worship, and some of my songs have made it into the church repertoire. These songs have been a process and journey for me. And the time I have spent with Jesus has been restorative, and healing to me. The music, writing, and prayer were all avenues of God's healing to me personally. His very presence is life and rest and restoration. I found new strength in the dark times when I decided to WORSHIP JESUS (both alone and in the local church).

5) Freedom of  time. I have little spare time because I am a bivocational pastor (a pastor with another job in addition to pastoring). But when I do get free time, I am really able to relax, spend time out, get chores done, etc. Rest is truly important, even for those who feel they don't need it.

6) Finances for a single person are relatively simple compared to those of married couples and families. (I am speaking as a single man with no children).

7) Decision making is more straightforward. At least, I find it has been simpler for me. (again I speak as a divorced man with no children.)

8) I have truly learned that Jesus is my ALL. No woman could possibly fulfill the longings of my heart like God can. I am full of His Spirit and so amazed at His grace to me. I don't deserve it. YET, He has proven to be my supplier and helper and guide. If I did not experience this road, this gift of singleness, then how would I have discovered how truly complete Jesus's love for me is? His complete love of me is what completes me indeed. I am complete in HIM. Nothing lacks, and nothing more is needed. This has been a long hard lesson for me- I am still learning to depend on Jesus fully for every need and every provision. 

Enjoy this journey you are on. You have a gift, whether you are married or are single. I know both gifts. I have learned to enjoy whatever state I happen to be in. It has been a long lesson that the Lord taught me. I am humbled by His goodness that continues to flow to me.
 Most importantly... follow the ministry call on your life! ALL believers are called to some form of ministry! Don't wait another day to seek His will for your life and actions. Be sure you are connected as the Spirit leads you in the local church!

And Happy Canada Day
~Pastor Curtis
Tues. July 1st, 3:53AM EST


  1. These are all very good benefits to being single. I've experienced each of those, too, and know that God has had me walk through THIS season alone for HIS purpose. I'm grateful for this time alone with Him. He's filled broken places I didn't even know I had. =] Lovely post, friend!

    1. Thank you dear sister for this encouraging response to my blog! I really appreciate your encouragement. I know the Lord has great things in store for you as you trust Him each day. Bless you!