Friday, January 10, 2014

What do you do?

So here is the question today: What do you do when you can't have what you want?
It is a challenging question. Perhaps you have prayed and asked the Lord. Perhaps you have asked according to Biblical standards and you believe you are within His Will. Perhaps you have been patiently waiting for years or months.

But there is nothing but closed doors.

We know from Revelation that Jesus is the only one who can truly open and close doors.

 Revelation 3:7 (Geneva Version)
"And write unto the Angel of the Church which is of Philadelphia, These things saith he that is Holy, and True, which hath the key of David, which openeth and no man shutteth, & shutteth & no man openeth,"

He is the One who closes that no man can open, and opens so that no man may shut it. We must yield and be cognizant of the fact that Jesus is in charge of the believer's life. It is the life of a disciple. It is His life now, not ours. We were bought for a price, the High Price of His blood.

So when you ask Jesus for years, and you don't receive the answer you were expecting, I would surmise that the Lord in His sovereignty has possibly chosen a different path for you. Pray and ask for that path to be revealed. He orders our steps and lights our path. He is a good and faithful God and Saviour. We can trust Him, even when in deep pain and disappointment, and yes, perhaps depression. And whatever you do, always thank Him for His provision in the midst of the wilderness. Always trust Him for He knows best.
Even if you can't have something, you can ALWAYS have His love and acceptance and His plan. Yield your hopes and dreams to Jesus, and let Him be Lord of all you are and have. As the Scripture has said in Revelation 3:7... Jesus is Holy and True. Praise Him forever.

~Pastor Curtis

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